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    • PBT reported 228-722-5608: "Random empty voicemail left; must be spam...."
      2013-09-25 18:48:08
    • Sony reported 705-419-3345: "Call came in on my work cell phone, which is not used for anything personal, I did not answer it and there was..."
      2013-07-21 04:52:31
    • Alex reported 701-419-2135: "I believe it is now legal to call cell phone numbers, one just can leave messages on voice mail...."
      2013-07-21 04:51:50
    • Karmen reported 701-419-9984: "No, unsolicited calls to cell phones are not illegal. It is what kind of call it is and how it is made that ..."
      2013-07-21 04:51:23
    • Dustin reported 501-219-9832: "Report the call to the registry if they call a cell phone. Unsolicited calls to a cell number are illegal...."
      2013-07-21 04:49:38
    • Sandy reported 501-219-9983: "NO! DNC or nothing else will eliminate unwanted calls. Buy a Call Blocker. You were told once in a previ..."
      2013-07-21 04:49:02
    • Aries reported 501-219-2134: "I just called the # and a guy answered and said he is from a refinancing institution. I just said that if I n..."
      2013-07-21 04:48:32
    • Jayson reported 501-219-3465: "robert pattinson is like so hot, how could people like taylor lautner, and sandy, if you don't want to call hi..."
      2013-07-21 04:47:56
    • King reported 501-328-1452: "I don't see the number that you called!!! You said you talked to him for like 10 min so what's the number you ..."
      2013-07-21 04:46:56
    • Erick reported 305-328-9983: "I know i can't believe people would even think that his number would be listed its crazy...."
      2013-07-21 04:46:18

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